Brightspace by D2L Tips: Mastery View Data Export and Pivot

If you are using the Standards tool with learning outcomes in your D2L courses, the Mastery View in the grade book does not currently have an export option. To generate a CSV file of the data in this view, use this ETL data flow with the Outcomes data sets in Domo Analytics, available through Insights Report Builder.

Pivot Mastery View Data

The following video shows how to pivot the data in a learning outcomes data set so that it matches the Mastery View table in D2L. Students are in rows, outcomes are in columns, and the mastery levels are the values.

Creating a PivotTable in Excel with text-only data is possible, but there are several extra steps. You must create a table from your data and add it to the Data Model, then add a Measure in the PivotTable. This is only possible with the Windows version of Excel using an Excel (not CSV) file.

Direct link to Outcomes Data PivotTable to re-create Mastery View video

Formula from video: =CONCATENATEX(Table1,Table1[MasteryLevel])

A Python script to pivot the data without using Excel can also be downloaded.