Brightspace by D2L Tips: Bulk Randomize Answer Order Workaround

For multiple choice or multiple select questions in D2L, it is possible to randomize the order of the answer choices. However, this must be done individually while creating or editing each question. It is not possible to specify this option in the question import CSV file and there is currently no bulk action to randomize answer order for several questions at once within the D2L interface. Nevertheless, it is possible to export the questions from D2L and change the shuffle option for all questions using Find and Replace in a text editor. Then the questions can be re-imported back into D2L. This workaround can also be used to edit the text of multiple questions at once.

Bulk Randomize Answer Order for Multiple Choice / Multiple Select Questions

  1. After adding the questions to your Question Library, go to Course Admin and Import / Export / Copy Components
  2. Choose Export as Brightspace Package and click Start
  3. Check the box next to Question Library, choose Select individual items to export, and click Continue
  4. Check the section or questions to export and click Continue
  5. Click Export and download the zip file when it is ready
  6. Unzip the zip file and open the questiondb.xml file in a text/code editor, such as Sublime or BBEdit
  7. Find all instances of render_choice shuffle="no" and Replace them with render_choice shuffle="yes"
  8. Save the questiondb.xml file and compress the D2LExport folder back into a zip file
    • On Windows, right-click on the folder and choose Send to and Compressed (zipped) folder
    • On a Mac, right-click on the folder and choose Compress
  9. Return to your Question Library in D2L and click Import
  10. Choose Upload a File and upload the new zip file you created
  11. After checking the new questions to ensure that answer order shuffle has been enabled, delete the original questions from the Question Library

Direct link to video, with transcript widget

Thanks to S L at the Brightspace Community for this workaround.