E-Learning Portfolio

Articulate Storyline 360 (.story files can be downloaded via GitHub)
Screenshot of Spanish in the Americas course made with Articulate Storyline 360
Spanish in the Americas (opens in new window)
Final assignment in E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum
Includes layers, lightboxes, multiple motion paths, and variables for entering user name and choosing accessibility options - such as keyboard only, which presents alternative quiz slides in place of drag & drop and hotspot interactions. Transcripts are included in the player menu, as well as closed captions for each slide.

Screenshot of Periodic Table of Elements course made with Articulate Storyline 360
Periodic Table of Elements (opens in new window)
Includes sliders, layers, animations, and use of a question bank for knowledge check of 30 questions in random order.

Articulate Storyline 2
Screenshot of French Numbers course made with Articulate Storyline 2
French Numbers 0-100 (opens in new window; or try HTML5 version)
Final assignment in Exploring E-Learning Development Tools

Articulate Studio 13
Screenshot of Flipped Classroom prototype made with Articulate Studio
Prototype of Flipped Classroom Module (opens in new window; or try HTML5 version)
Final assignment in Designing and Developing Interactive E-Learning Courses

Adobe Captivate 9
Screenshot of AntConc N-Grams Tool Software Demo made with Adobe Captivate 9
AntConc N-Grams Tool Software Demo (opens in new window)

Camtasia, Audacity (with quizzes, hotspots, and table of contents; hosted at Screencast.com)

Camtasia, Snagit, AZ Screen Recorder


Camtasia, Snagit

Camtasia, Audacity

Keynote, Screencast-o-Matic, iMovie

Powerpoint, Audacity, Movie Maker

Hot Potatoes (audio flashcards, interactive exercises)
Screenshot of French Vocabulary: Basic Phrases audio flashcards
French Exercises - Basic Phrases Audio Flashcards (opens in new window; part of language tutorial at ielanguages.com)

Canva (graphic design)

Yes, No, and Maybe in 8 languages Happy birthday in 8 languages Summer in 8 languages

All 8 Languages images available in the ielanguages.com Facebook photo album