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HTML Knowledge Checks

I designed these knowledge checks to be used with HTML Content Templates in Brightspace by D2L to add interactivity directly to course webpages. These activities are not tracked or graded, but provide students a chance to quickly check their progress as they advance through the course content. Activities include multiple choice or true/false, short answer, matching, ordering, and hover or click flip cards. The four question types need to have code generated as they are dependent on JavaScript, which can be pasted onto pages using Enter Embed Code. Hover cards can be edited completely within D2L's editor like other elements in the templates, whereas the click cards require use of the source code editor.

What is the capital of Michigan? with cursor selecting Detroit, which is incorrect, and then Lansing, which is correct

Visit GitHub to view the sample pages and download a zip file of all the pages from the D2L Content Templates repository.

Interactive Lessons made with E-Learning Software

Articulate Storyline 360

Visit my E-Learning Heroes Profile and download .story files from the Storyline GitHub repository.

Spanish in the Americas course made with Articulate Storyline 360
Spanish in the Americas
Final project in E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum
Includes layers, lightboxes, multiple motion paths, and variables for entering user name and choosing accessibility options - such as keyboard only, which presents alternative quiz slides in place of drag & drop and hotspot interactions. Transcripts are included in the player menu, as well as closed captions for each slide.

Periodic Table of Elements course made with Articulate Storyline 360
Periodic Table of Elements
Includes sliders, layers, animations, and use of a question bank for knowledge check of 30 questions in random order.

Adobe Captivate 9

AntConc N-Grams Tool Software Demo made with Adobe Captivate 9
AntConc N-Grams Tool Software Demo

Instructional Videos


More videos are available at Brightspace by D2L Tips.

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Bulk Randomize Answer Order Workaround